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Hide details for  6.5.6 6.5.6
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
OMAI6B7J6UUnder certain circumstances, the HTTP task on a Domino server for iSeries can trigger a crash when Lotus Domino Web Access is being used. See...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
DPOS6CYHHAFixed an OS400 crash caused by a negative string index. Prior to this fix, the server crashed frequently (every few hours).
Hide details for Help FacilityHelp Facility
LGBS5LP2S5The "ORGANIZATION" field help will now say that the maximum length of this field is 63 characters, instead of 64.
Hide details for Java ConsoleJava Console
LHQI6BU5P7Fixed a problem with event filtering. If "Fatal" was the only event selected as an event type to display, all other unchecked events were displayed...
Hide details for LEILEI
JJOH6DDNEUFixed a crash which occurred when there were more than 10 stored procedure parameters.
TITH6CKADEFixed a crash in DECS/LEI that occurred when a conversion error was issued when using DBCS data in a DB/2 table. The return code that was sent back...
CYAO6NTQEVThe LEIACT task that is run when executing backup or purge activities was initialized without being properly terminated. This makes it appear to...
JGIR6MW34UFixed a crash that occasionally occurred during DECS shutdown when using an ODBC connector.
TDEY6JNS3RAn error occurs when trying to browse an ODBC connection after upgrading to V5R4. The PASE AIX level had changed from V5R3->V5R4 causing some...
TDEY6M9L8AThis fix corrects a problem that was preventing the migration tool from launching.
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
DPOL5U5GHBFixed a problem with RichTextItem.appendTable failing on iSeries.
Hide details for LS Data ObjectLS Data Object
JREN5VN9EJDomino server will crash when accessing a DB2 database and modify it using LSDO. This had been fixed on Domino 6.5.6 and 7.0.2. The error occurs...
CYAO6GMM3COn i5/OS, Domino server crashes when assigning an ODBCConnection object to ODBCResultSet.Connection.
Hide details for ServerServer
MZHO6EY9DHThe name of a server job changed from QJVAEXEC to SERVER when started via Java Console. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.1.
RWAH6HPQ8BThis iSeries specific fix allows daylight savings time and standard time changes without recycling the Domino server.
DBLK6HDLYJThe Domino server can not be started or stopped because it was created with a dash or hyphen ('-') in the name. No message was displayed, only the...
TCHN5E4S66Fix for displaying files/filenames with extended characters correctly.
MXDG6FJJXBThis is an iSeries specific problem that results from a boundary alignment issue. The root cause of the problem actually occurs when the dictionary...
LHQI6HJEKRIf a Domino server's Collate parameter includes '-' when using command CHGDOMSVR, it must be filled with capitalization. e.g. DA-DK-AA, E2-ES,...
YFYF6J9CW3There are some enabled options that can be changed when the Domino server is started from the green screen, and the Domino plug-in stopped the server...
BYAG6MN3W4Fixed a panic which occurred on local memory allocates larger than 2 Gig.


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